Home Decor created from Recycled/repurposed wine barrels!

Frequently Asked Questions (faq's)


F A Q 's

Q - How do I care for the items I purchased from you?  
    A - Multiple part answer to this question:

     1. All food related items are finished with Howard Cutting Board Oil. I purchase this product from the Home Depot. Follow directions on the bottle.  It's  really good stuff.

      2. Non-food, wood items are finished with a high quality Minwax polyurethane. A dry dusting cloth is all you need. If you have more questions, please contact me at george@coolstuffbygeorge.com 

      3. Photographs, if framed, dust them off with a Swifter or like product. If not framed, put them in a frame to protect them and then dust.

Q – What kind of camera do you use?

     A – I am a Nikon person, either a D60 or a D7100.

Q – What type of film do you use?

     A – Well, lets see, digital film?

Q – Can I get a different size Photograph than what I see here?

     A – Anything is possible (almost) just ask.

Q - What method of payment do you accept?

     A – Cash or Personal Check or Credit Card.

Q – If my check bounces, do you charge a fee?

     A – ABSOLUTELY YES! AND IT’S $35.00!!

Q - How can I purchase a candle holder from you at a later date?

     A - Why wait? Do it now! Go to www.coolstuffbygeorge.com and shop all you would like. Thank you!

Q – I like what I see!

                 A -  Like us on Facebook.

Q – Did you really take all these pictures?

     A – Yes, I really did.

Q - What saying can I get on the Barrel Head or the Stave?

     A - We have many different sayings.  Choose one of ours or if you have one of your own, let me know and we'll see it we can make it work.  Click here to check out our sayings.