Home Decor created from Recycled/repurposed wine barrels!

A little bit about me and my website

The purpose of the website is to give you and your friends a place to go to get that special gift for yourself and/or your friends and to enjoy for years to come.  

I hope you get a kick out of my posts and it makes you smile while enjoying that wonderful glass of wine. 


Our Cool Stuff!

An Old Basket Press left out to rot!

We make just about anything we can think of out of Wine Barrels.

The picture on the left is of a large Basket Press that has been left out in the elements to rot away.  I would love to get ahold of that and make all sort of Cool Stuff from it.

We make Candle holders of many different sizes, 7's, 5's, 3's and 1's.  We once made a 9 candle candle holder (no picture available) It pretty neat. Imagine a 7 candle holder  with 2 more candles  added to it.  

To mention a few of our gifts for wine lovers:

  • Wine Racks
  • Wine Bottle Holders
  • Lazy Susans
  • Coat Racks
  • Key Racks
  • Bread Boards 
  • Games
  • Wall Plaques
  • Barrel Stave Sayings
  • Barrel Head Tays
  • wine barrel gifts

Besides the French and American Oak from the wine barrels , we use  corks, wine bottles, photographs and  other materials.   This is all of the other "cool wine related stuff".  How much fun is this?

Hey, have an idea or want something special made send me a note and we'll talk about it!  Almost anything is possible to make wine gifts.

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