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About George best jobs ever.

All this, for the love of wine...

In 2008 I decided that I wanted to learn more about wine. With that said I decided to do just that, so I got a part time  job at a winery in Amador county, California and started to work in the tasting room.  Little did I realize what I was opening myself up for!  

Working in the tasting Room was just the beginning and it gave me a great foundation for learning about wines .

From the Tasting Room to Grape Sampler.  As a side note, this was the BEST job I have ever had in my life.  I ate, excuse me, I mean tasted, a lot of grapes!  But, actually, that was not exactly my job. That was just one of the benefits of the job.  The job was to go to different vineyards and take  random samples of the grapes clusters and bring the grape cluster samples back to the winery lab so that tests could be done to determine sugar levels, tannin levels, and more to see how the grapes were progressing towards ripeness and finally towards a harvest date..  What a great job!  

From Grape Sampler to Barrel Sampler in the Cellar... Second best job ever!  Tasted and spit out (not swallowed) a lot of great wines.  Yes, unfortunately spit out.  After all I was working.  

This job required me to take samples of wine from barrels.  Let's say the wine maker made a 100 barrels of a particular wine, I had to randomly select 5 barrels and draw samples of the wine from the barrels and bring the samples back to the lab so that tests could be done on the samples to see how the wine was aging in the barrel. 

From Barrel Sampler back to the Tasting Room...

In 2010, moved to Alexander Valley AVA in Sonoma County, near Santa Rosa, California. In April of 2010, started full time in a Tasting Room.  On my journey to learn more about wine went to the next level.  Took wine production courses at the University of California at Davis.  What a trip!

Well, back to Cool Stuff by George.  While I was out and about going to all these wineries and vineyards, I noticed that a lot of them had old used wine barrels laying around.  I asked myself what do they do with them. At one winery I saw a candle holder made from a barrel stave and said to myself, "I can do that". So I did.  And that's how Cool Stuff By George was started.

I was given the opportunity to take my wine education to the next level by attending wine courses through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.  I earned a Level 3 Wine Educators degree. 

Thank you Robyn!

In my opinion...

  In my opinion better grapes grown  in Alexander Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) than grown in Napa Valley AVA, California.